Will Jamie Jordan please stand up

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I've been through med school I know more than you I just forgot to look at your chart
I’ve been through med school I know more than you I just forgot to look at your chart 

Thanks to http://agenesiscorpuscallosum.blogspot.com/2009/06/diagnosing-agenesis-corpus-callosum.html for the use of the image


I remember going to a doctor’s appointment when my doctor took a sick day and there was a fill-in working in his place. I roll into the doctor’s office in my wheelchair, and the doctor has my chart and all of my past information. The doctor decided that I need a cortisone shot. The doctor asked “We’re going to have to give you this cortisone shot in your hip. Can you stand up?” Ummm….no, I can’t stand up. Yeah, I’m lazy. I wanted to be able to ride the elevator without guilt. 


I’m probably being a little hard on this guy. After all he was just subbing in for my doctor. This guy had one crucial piece of information that a normal person I meet who ask me if I can walk. doesn’t have, He had my medical chart. I don’t even know how those things work, but I would think ‘has cerebral palsy ,does not walk” should be right at the top of the Jamie Jordan medical chart, don’t you? If it doesn’t have that information, somebody tell me what’s the point of a medical chart?

See you guys tomorrow


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