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Dear Diary: January 3, 2013

Like millions of Americans out there who are struggling to better themselves because of the New Year’s Resolutions that they vowed to follow for this year, I too am starting my own strict physical training. By this time next year, I will be known as Super Wheelchair Man.

What would YOUR Super Hero name be?
What would YOUR Super Hero name be?

Seriously though, I bought myself a standing frame. Actually, my insurance bought it, or Santa Claus for all you believers out there. He was a few days late, but I won’t hold it against him. I think I referred to this as a “standing box” in previous chapters. This one is much more sophisticated and modern. Here’s a picture of the box:

Yes i'm standing and yes it hurts
Yes i’m standing and yes it hurts

        Makes you stronger! Tougher! More Amazing! More Inspiring! Funnier! You may even learn to walk! Comes with Best Friend! Comes with table to put all your crap on while you stand! Apple Flavored *Not Approved by the FDA)

This is me, opening my EZ Stand box:

My ghost writer, who is not a ghost and barely qualifies as a writer, asked me why I would want to torture myself in this way. She even asked me if I was hoping to learn how to walk with this device. I’m guessing she will be the one on the sidelines screaming, “Run, Forrest! Run!”

Most people’s Resolutions:

1. Lose Weight

2. Get Rich

My Resolutions:

1. Learn how to walk. (Not really, just standing would be fine)

All joking aside, I bought the standing frame so that I could improve my overall body strength. This should allow me to be more helpful when I am being lifted into my chair and with the daily tasks of moving my body around. Wow, I sure sound helpless when I say it like that. Thank goodness the EZ Stand comes with a best friend. It doesn’t really. I was kidding.

So I started my writing session today feeling really sore from using the EZ Stand. It is far from easy. Whoever named this chair was obviously someone that can already stand, because if standing isn’t a problem for you then yes, it’s super easy. This device is also entirely unnecessary for you if you can stand, unless you just need an excuse to feel successful and good about yourself by showing how well you can do this piece of exercise equipment. If you are struggling with all of the exercise equipment in your local gym, this might be just the thing for you! EZ Stand!

(I’m really sore today from exercising.) What kind of exercises? (Standing.)

Like I mentioned before, some people find me inspiring. I guess I can add this to my “list of reasons why Jamie is inspiring”.


  • Has a chair with WHEELS!
  • Sometimes says funny things
  • Can almost stand with assistance!

Are you inspired yet?



I wrote most of this  almost 2 years ago  as part of a book  that has now been moved to this blog. I’m still standing three days a week. Most of those days I would rather not do it. I think with most exercising it gets easier the longer you do it. This has not been my experience.  I’ve made progress, I now stand fully upright more often than not. The pain has not gotten better, in fact I take a physical beating every time I get in the frame. Now it’s more of a mental test. I know it’s going to be awful every time I do it, and I have to find ways just to get it done.

I’m still doing it because I refuse to let the pain beat me and have control over me. Sometimes there’s no easy way to do something, and you just have to have the will not to quit no matter how hard something may be it’s that simple.



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