Life is hardcore but you are the Terminator

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Let’s get right to the truth. There are aspects of your life that are going to suck. You wake up, and your teeth are all grungy and your breath stinks. Everybody’s breath stinks when they get up. Everybody has to brush their stinky teeth. It sucks. Nobody likes to spend time doing this little task, but we all have to. And this is just one of the 15 million little things about your life that is going to suck.

Personally, the suckiest thing in my life is that I have to brush my teeth. Just kidding. My sucky thing is the obvious one.

Yeah.... all this...
Yeah…. all this…


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But really, we all have bad days but you can’t allow it to take over and own you. Life also has really awesome things too. Like when your teeth are freshly brushed and you can sweep your tongue along them and not taste grimy-ness. Many people look to their children as the most joyful part of their life. (Maybe your kids can also bring you stress, but see how you can use the love of your kids to uplift your spirit?) Maybe you have a good job that provides for you and despite the stress that it brings you can be happy about the security of employment.

Bills: Another Sucky Part of Life

Everybody has bills. I have bills and I don’t even have a job! Well, not a conventional one where I know when I’ll be paid and how much. Is it stressful? Not really.

I feel like people get too wrapped up in stress about money. We want to live beyond our means. We want the newest technology with the white ear buds. We want the phone with the bazillion available apps. We want the designer clothes and the nice shoes and the nice handbags and the cool cars with the GPS built in and the electric everything, but we can’t always afford it. I’m not an accountant or a specialist about finance, and I’m not going to lecture you about getting your finances in order, but if I can say one thing about responsible spending I would say live below your means.

When the new iPad tablet came out, I really really wanted one. I couldn’t afford one with my income, so I didn’t get one. I waited. A couple of years passed, and I was telling a friend of mine about how I still wanted this gadget. He happened to have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that he wasn’t using, and sold it to me for $150, a price within my means. I had to settle for something that was different than what I had in mind, and I had to wait for 2 years to get it, but I’m happy that I didn’t use a credit card or some other type of loan to put myself in debt and amount more stress.

Maybe you’re already in debt, as many people are, and it’s wreaking havoc in your life already. I read a report from 2012 that stated that 70% of married people have money problems. Money is also cited as one of the top problems that couples argue about. There’s no doubt that money can bring on a great deal of stress.


Can I get an Amen?
Can I get an Amen?

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If you’re swimming in debt, it’s a problem that you can’t ignore. If you are stressed because you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or tall enough, you should ignore that, and focus on your positive traits. But if you are stressing about bills, you have to address the problem. Begin fixing the problem areas where you can, but remember that you can’t change what’s been done in the past. This may help you to release some of the guilt and stress so that you can enjoy your life.


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