If you run into me it doesn’t count

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I’ve noticed every time I’m out in public that people seem to have a real fear that I’m going to run them down. Parents discreetly guard their children when I’m around. The kid has absolutely no fear of me, but the parent apparently sees me as death on wheels. As a person in a wheelchair you learn at a very young age that if you want to be well-liked, it’s probably a good idea to refrain for mowing people down.

I’ll admit, I’ve met some people that probably deserved it. I may have even wanted to, but I never have, (on purpose anyway). Driving a wheelchair is kind of like driving a car. I have had serval people back to me because they didn’t realize I was behind them. I can’t be held responsible for that right? If I were a bit more hard core as a person I might be able to make my chair into a money making machine. How would this? By renting myself out for hire. I talk more about it right here

I’d probably make a million

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