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We talk about video games... Sometimes
We talk about video games… Sometimes


It occurred to me that before finding this blog you may have never  heard of me. So it would make sense to talk to you about other projects that are near and dear to my heart.

One of those projects is Gaming Uncensored. A podcast of mine that has been on the air for more than 10 years. It started as a college radio show at West Texas A&M. To learn how I got started there, check out This post. When we started, the idea of a radio talkshow that was centered around videogames scared a lot of people who were in charge at the time, We heard things like “you can’t talk about video games for two hours with no music, no one will listen to that. Even the morning show has music. It only works for the sports show because people love sports” the scary thing about these comments, was that the radio station known as 91.1 “The One” was a student run radio station.

The stations for your generation
The station for your generation


These comments came from people our own age.  Thanks to Dr. Leigh  and Randy Ray ( he’ll get some love in a later post) we got on the air. I remember having a conversation with the program director at time, who is still known to this day as Mad Dog ( he has a real name but mad dog is much cooler, so where going with that). The conversation went something like this. Mad Dog: :this will never work you have to play music. Me: ” dude, we won’t suck, just give me six weeks. If you don’t like it take us off the air” after that conversation, the show ran for two years, we won numerous awards and ended up in the local papers several times. When my cohost Tommy graduated from school and moved to Memphis Tennessee to start his new life, we didn’t want to stop so we decided to do the show as a podcast from that point on. We had been running  the podcast side-by-side with the radio show from day one. (we didn’t think a two hour radio show was enough, we may have an unhealthy need for attention) when he moved we went to podcasting full time. We didn’t know it then, but according to some of our listeners, we were the first podcast out there devoted to videogames. There were literally, 12 podcasts at that time, and iTunes didn’t have a directory like they do now so, it’s not hard to believe.

We are still doing our thing 10 years and over   450 shows later. We don’t do it as often as we would like, but we’re still here. You can get to the website by clicking on our logo above, or you can stream us on stitcher radio right Here.

Gaming Uncensored it Is one of the most worthwhile things I do with my life, I have a great friend and partner in crime in Tommy. No matter how busy we get… Or how much time passes between each show. We continue to do it because we love it, and probably always will


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