I want to be Darth Vader

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The force is with me. How else do you think I get the good parking?
The force is with me. How else do you think I get the good parking?

That’s not true I really just want the arms and legs I’ve been watching through the Star Wars movies in order one through six all over again, getting ready for number seven in December. I’m really looking forward to it. JJ Abrams did so well with Star Trek, that I actually have faith he might pull off Star Wars
I’m such a geek that I also took the time to watch the entire clone wars animated series and I have to admit when you put it altogether it’s quite an epic story. You can make fun of the latest three movies if you like, but other than replacing a couple of the actors, I’m not really sure how they could’ve been better in terms of telling the story.

That said, I have to much time on my hands. After watching four of them so far. I have a few questions. First after Vader was burned there wasn’t much left. Did the Emperor have that suit on standby? I don’t think you’re going to stroll down to the 711 and pick up a Darth Vader suit.
Second, how does he use the bathroom in that thing? I have a hard time unbuttoning my jeans I can’t imagine trying to get out of that.

Third This all happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. where are my bionic arms and hands? Do I have to get maimed by light saber to qualify? It’s 2015. What’s the hold up?
I could walk with just a little help.

George Lucas made $4.05 billion when he sold everything off I wonder if he’s got that kind of stuff lying around that nobody knows about

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