This is why I don’t go grocery shopping

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This is exactly how I feel? Can I get an amen?
This is exactly how I feel. Can I get an amen?


How many kinds of toilet paper are available in the grocery store to buy? We literally flush it down the toilet. But there are probably 100 different kinds of toilet paper.

Well this one’s more absorbent!” If you’re using toilet paper that’s not absorbent, it’s not toilet paper. “Sir, you’re wiping your butt with a $10 bill.” If you save up 2 of those you can buy some real toilet paper.

Yeah, toilet paper is getting expensive. If inflation keeps up, we’ll start using dollar bills. But til then…

My mom has this issue in the grocery store with orange juice. Pulp, no pulp, strained, concentrated, pure, natural… Maybe if I drink the right orange juice I’ll have a bigger penis, grow taller, have a better sex drive and maybe even stand up and walk one day…voila! It’s a miracle! It’s the miracle of orange juice. The right one, that is. If we knew which orange juice was really the real orange juice, maybe we wouldn’t need so many supplements.

Have you noticed that there are calorie and fat content labels on everything? I was drinking a bottle of water the other day and looked at it realized that they labeled it 0 calories. Is there anyone who thought water was fattening out there?

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