A positive attitude greatly increases your chances for a positive result

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It will make you great or ruin your life your choice
It will make you great or ruin your life your choice


A lot of people get really “down” on themselves and they look at their situation and how things aren’t going their way and it affects every other part of their life. It affects their job, their relationships, their health, how they handle their kids (if they have any), and every other person they encounter. As we’re sitting here typing this, I’m going to be honest and say that it hasn’t been a really great 3 months. I’ve had a major change in my life in the last year which has drastically affected my attitude, but I have a rule. If I’m out in public or around other people, THEY aren’t going to know it. The only people that know what’s going on with the personal aspects of my life are my close friends. You won’t see any negative posts on Facebook. You won’t see any bitter Tweets from me. And it’s not because I don’t feel it, but I have to get up every day and do the things that need to be done, and whether I’m feeling particularly positive or not, the rest of the world doesn’t need to know. And if I put forth the effort to “fake it”, by the end of the day, things get done.

Like I said before, we all have bad days. We all have stuff to do every day. And some of that stuff isn’t fun. Actually, most of that stuff isn’t fun.

Lots of people complain about jobs, which I don’t understand, especially in this economy. The purpose of going to a job every day is to make money so that you can live your life. Yes, every major guru out there will say that you need to find a job that you love, and I completely agree…HOWEVER…sometimes that takes time, and sometimes you have to be willing to do the job that you don’t like in order to pay the bills until you find the job that you love. The funny thing about the job that you love is…90% of the time, whatever it is you can do it on the weekends or evenings. You may not get paid for it, but it will help manage your stress so that you can get up and do the job that you don’t love to do.

 I’m in a situation where it’s tough for me to get a job. I have transportation issues. I’m like an employer’s worst nightmare. Here I sit in my mid-30’s with no job because I can’t get there every day. What did I do to make up the difference? I got an internet job in a virtual environment. It doesn’t pay me a LOT of money, but I had to find something. I don’t love it everyday and then I’d much rather be speaking 260 days a year. At this time however, it’s what’s available to me.

This principle applies to anything you may not necessarily enjoy. To kids out there. Yes you have to go to school. I know it’s always fun, but nights and weekends are for fun. (I’d kill to be a kid again, I had so much time to play. I had no clue how good my situation really was)

Let’s recap,

if you’re in a job you hate, thinking of it like going to school until you find something better.  Every fabulously rich person you see, started out just like you. Most of of all of them will tell you, they worked Jobs they hated, before they got to do what they wanted.

If you are positive about your situation, whatever that may be, it gives you a better chance to get where you want to go, then a negative attitude ever will.

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