What makes your life worth living

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You can only do so much for yourself
You can only do so much for yourself


I’m about to admit something I should probably not admit on a blog about motivation and comedy. I struggle with feeling powerless .I don’t move around very well. And when I wake up in the morning, I’m lying in bed….obviously, as opposed to on the …ceiling …or something…
I’ve never been able to transfer myself from my bed to my chair without help. Let’s have an honest and true discussion here for a second. For a very confident man who usually believes he can do anything, this is a very depressing site. I’m lying there, in bed, and across the room is the chair there’s what seems like a mile and a half of cold floor in between the two. Lots of mornings I wake up and see that expanse of floor, and I think, “What’s the point in even getting up?” I need help. It’s a struggle just getting out of bed. The way I combat this feeling every morning  is by telling myself I’m going to do something truly awesome today.

Some days the truly awesome thing is as simple as not having to wear shoes.

And some days it’s writing a book or helping a depressed friend who’s had a tough day. I never know what it’s going to be, but every day I have to believe that there is something for me to do, otherwise what is the point in getting up?

Because let’s face it. Beds are really, really comfortable.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with that comfortable bed,  because I want to be awesome on a much bigger scale. I recently applied for my passport because I saw a passport as the next logical step to being awesome worldwide. Then I started thinking about it. When I get my passport then what do I? Travel around the United States for a guy in wheelchair is hard. It gets harder when you start thinking about flights, hotel and transportation in a place that you’ve never been. Been struggling this week with the fact then I want to go and see my two favorite people and they happen to live in relatively the same place, only a few states away. I can’t get my mind around how to do it, without taking my parents along.

As I get older the ability to go and do my own thing without involving my family is something I crave. Especially with two women involved. There probably won’t be any make out sessions, but that’s not really the point.  I just want to go on my own. This is something I’ve struggled with for years. Very slowly, I’m getting more and more independent. I have my semi full time personal assistant Jane. I rarely see my parents, not like I once did anyway. When we are around home I’m basically independent of them, but traveling on my own still seems extremely daunting.  It costs a lot more for me to travel than the average person, simply because in this case, I can’t stay with either of my friends. So that means a hotel. Then add in the fact that Jane can’t handle me on her own. By handle me I mean physically. We have ceiling lifts that handle that at home.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you, because it Is something that I struggle with. I’ll always need help, there’s no way around that. I think it’s something God built into my life to keep me in check, if I were an able-bodied human, oh the trouble I would get into. I’m writing this in the hopes that it influences some out there and to give you  a glimpse into my mind.

I can’t travel where I want to, but it won’t always be that way (at least I hope not). In the meantime, I’ll do something every day that I hope rocks your world and changes your prospective. If I can do that it’s worth getting up. What makes Life worth getting out of bed for for you? The day you figure that out, your entire life will change. Having something to get up for gives you life and changes everyone and everything around you for the better.

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