Just call me Golden Ears

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Yep, it's Superman good
Yep, it’s Superman good



I wear a seatbelt so that I don’t fall out of my chair when people come up behind me and scream.

I have really super amazing hearing. My hands don’t work so well and my legs don’t work so well, but my ears work really well. Like SONIC HEARING good. I could be a whole new kind of Batman. Because of my super sonic hearing, I have an aversion to things that make loud noises, like guns, firecrackers and balloons.

I’ll never forget being taken to a party at church and they did that game where it’s like musical chairs but you sit on balloons. All the popping scared the crap out of me.

I was the guy in school that people figured out they could sneak up behind me and yell, which would make me jump. I wasn’t scared, but I have CP so when I get startled I become spastic because my brain works differently. I wear a seatbelt, so that I don’t fall out when people come up behind me and scream. They do that because they think my jumping is funny. My friends would do that. Then they would say they were sorry. And then they would laugh. I guess every superpower has a downside. I wonder if I can get some sort of endorsement deal for my super hearing?

I just did some research on the Internet and it turns out that super hearing is real (sort of) check this out. Just call me Golden ears.



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