It’s a small world but it’s not THAT small

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I've met some people who have probably inspired this cartoon
I’ve met some people who have probably inspired this cartoon

People seem to think that all handicapped people know each other. When people meet me, I often get something like, “Hey, do you know so-and-so? They also have Cerebral Palsy.”… “Oh, no?” Then they make this face like it’s very unusual that I haven’t met this person. If there are handicapped persons conventions or parties, I haven’t been invited to them. We don’t all know each other. Which leads me to the next interesting bit…if there is a girl that they know that’s handicapped, they think that we should be hooked up. Think about this for a second. You’ve found a guy that doesn’t drive, with bad vision and a girl that also doesn’t drive, who also has her own issues that he cannot help with. Can you imagine two people with the same problems living in the same house? This is like people without arms marrying other people without arms. It would make much more sense to find someone without feet. Or at least with one hand.

Logically, this is why I’ve been drawn to able bodied women. This may sound chauvinistic, but I need a woman that can take care of me. I don’t mean full time. If I’m ever going to have a successful relationship, she needs to be able to focus on being my girl, not my caregiver. Realistically, I imagine the caregiver will be in the background somewhere and there if we need them. Having someone who can reach a shelf and has good motor skills, 2 things I don’t have, is a big deal. Basically it boils down to the idea that I want someone different for me. I can do things for her too, but probably not highly physical things.

I joke around a lot about a woman who is with me getting handicapped parking, or never having to stand in line because they would always have my lap to sit in, but in all seriousness, being with me has more than a few perks.

When it comes right down to it, people assume  a lot. I’ve heard jokes that white people assume African Americans or Mexicans all know each other, and should get together. That’s  what it feels like. Basic rule of thumb when dealing with any other human being, never assume anything  it will serve you well.


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