Technology has changed everything for disabled people

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I spend a lot of my time in front of a computer. The first thing I do every morning is turn on the computer, check my email, and all that kind of stuff. My family used to think that I did these things because I enjoyed it, but the truth is that a guy like me who has a handicap sometimes only has contact with the outside world through the computer. If life could facilitate me to go out and do more public speaking and motivational meetings, but having access to a computer allows me to do some sort of work throughout my day, even though I can’t always spend the time and money to get out of the house.

If I were born 10 to 20 years earlier, I would have a whole different life. The money that I make is because of the internet. When you can’t travel easily, the internet is there to provide work-from-home situations that weren’t available in the 80’s. If it weren’t for computers, my entire day would be much different. That said, I am old enough to know what life was like before the internet. There was a time when people didn’t carry their whole lives on their cell phones, and you couldn’t have access to every piece of information you wanted whenever you wanted it. I do remember those times.

I have no idea what the vision of the future is for kids that are growing up with a special need now, but I’m sure it’s a better situation than what we went through in the 1980’s because of the seemingly limitless opportunity that technology has provided. What are some of these opportunities? The opportunity to connect with other kids is invaluable. The ability to look up details about your specific health problems (particularly for teenagers) is very helpful. Kids that can’t speak can sometimes communicate through iPads, which is not only a great resource, it’s something that is completely common among their generation and doesn’t carry the stigma that some of the devices created for people with special needs have in the past. One of the great things about technology for kids that are old enough to use it is the opportunity to discover what they are passionate about, to find what their special talents are, or what drives and motivates most. I’m still waiting on bionic legs. The six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman were on the air almost 30 years ago. How does that stuff not exist yet? (Update) apparently it does exist for one special kid. This is a pure awesome


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