Broadcasting on wheels

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I have a face for radio


Seems like they are talking hand everywhere you turn. There are shows of every type. Dr. Phil Dr. Laura, news shows, shows about money, politics, whatever you like to consume. Maybe I’m egotistical but I’ve always wanted to have one of those shows. I’ve always wanted a show that was a nationwide, that took on things from a handicap perspective.

I’d have a different gas every week. A doctor or nurse to talk about different medical issues. People with different disabilities to talk about the struggles they face. A a caregiver to talk about the different issues that arise when taking care of a person with a disability.

I really love the idea of people listening, and calling in to talk to me or our different guests. The podcasts, and videos that I do are fun but there’s nothing like a live broadcast. i’ve loved live broadcasts since my first day on the air at West Texas A&M University. You can read more about that here and here.

Being on the air is probably the thing I do best. That said, I have two questions for you dear reader first, would you watch or listen to a show like that? I was thinking about it today, and I could be wrong but I don’t know of any disabled news anchors or talk show hosts out there. I’m probably wrong about that. If I am please send me a link because I’ll be interested to see that. I guess I’m thinking that if these guys who do three hours a day on radio can do it, so can I That brings me to my next question.

Do you know anyone might be in position to help me make this thing happen? The old saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,  Is absolutely true in the broadcasting business I know some people but I don’t know anyone is willing to put me on the air. I can see why suppose. I’ve talked many times on this blog about the fact that we live in a politically correct world. I can see how  a very loud very opinionated guy in a wheelchair could be very scary to a  station owner or manager. (it’s only a wheelchair, it’s not like I have spikes on my wheels or something),

I truly believe if given a chance, I can turn the world of education and entertainment upside down. If you know somebody or are would like to talk to me about this send me an email send me an email

If you’d like to help out another way share this blog with your friends whenever you can. I’m really trying to get it out there to people. I truly believe I can make a difference. The bigger  the platform I have, the bigger the difference I can make. That said I’ve been around enough to know I can’t do anything without your help. If you weren’t here reading this, or listening to my podcasts, or watching my YouTube, there would be no reason to do any of it. You are my greatest ally, and I’m grateful that you pay attention. I know I can change the world, but not without you.

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