Walking seems like really hard work

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I’ve been in a wheelchair all my life and I have to admit something, I have never really wanted to walk. I can’t think of a ton of things that I would love to do if I could walk, dancing Sports, Rock climbing, the list goes on. The act of walking however has never actually appealed to me.

That’s probably because every time I have ever done it with the aid of technology it has hurt really badly.

Jokes aside, walking  just to walk, has never made sense to me.  I have no idea why all of you” normal”  people don’t ride around on segues everywhere you go. I’m all for exercise, but walking or running just seem like a massive waste of energy. I don’t understand the stationary bikes or treadmills either, if I’m going to put in that much effort I better going somewhere, just saying. Somebody out there who likes to walk, tell me what I’m missing. Is it one of those don’t knock it until you’ve tried it kind of things?

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One thought on “Walking seems like really hard work”

  1. I love walking, it makes me feel good, even the count’em, ten minutes I’m up to now. After a mere ten years in a wheelchair, yes, the pain levels were amazing.

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