Smart pills you say? Yes please

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What I could do with this pill
What I could do with this pill


I love all of of the types of entertainment. Being a kid in a wheelchair growing up, I watched a lot of TV and played lots of video games. I read a lot also. I couldn’t play sports like most kids, so these were things that kept me busy.

As I have gotten older, I still read a lot and play video games more than most people but not like I used to. I hardly ever watch TV unless it’s a very specific show like The Black List. I’ve watched a lot of the new shows this year and I must say, they are really good. I love BlindSpot, The Grinder and a few other ones. The one that has  really caught my eye however is Limitless

The reason is simple the story seems to take place only a few months after the events of the movie and the main character of the movie is a major player on the TV show.

That’s something that I’ve never seen before it’s an amazing way to continue the story and bring people in who love the movie. My whole life I’ve had people tell me that I could be a rocket scientist if I applied myself. I consider myself to be smart but not that smart. Human beings only use 10% of our brain. The idea of a pill that would allow someone to use their whole brain is really intriguing to me.

I’ve often wondered what  opportunities in my life I have missed to give myself a better life, because I just wasn’t smart enough to see it. I have had several family members and other people tell me I should dabble in stocks because I have the time to do the research.

The idea kind of terrifies me. I don’t feel like I’m smart enough to see the trends. I’ve wondered how many opportunities I’ve missed with women because I wasn’t observant enough to see them in front of me.

I’ve never really been tempted to try and illegal drug, but if there was no one out there that  could make me smarter, that would be hard for me to resist. I highly recommend that you watch the movie and check out the TV show. It has been time well spent for me.

Is anybody else wondering how much time the lead actress on       Blindspot spends in make up to put on and remove those tattoos for every show? 

I’m just saying

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