Settling for less will give you a life full of stress

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“Beware ordinary life”

Only you can know what you're worth
Only you can know what you’re worth


A friend of mine has that quote as the signature for her email. I have no idea who said it, or where he comes from. Every time I see, it, I’m  reminded what I’m working for. I’m terrified of an ordinary life. . Someone told me once that I was lucky. That because of my disability, I could do whatever I wanted every day for the rest of my life and no one would say a word. This terrified me when I heard it, because in my experience it’s probably true. I don’t think much is expected out of people with disabilities. it’s wrong, but I can see how an able bodied person might come to that conclusion .

I can’t do a lot of things that you might take for granted every day. I’m not being negative, it’s just a fact. I can see how someone would look at my very obvious limitations and say “his life is hard enough why not stay home and avoid the things that the rest of us have to deal with everyday.”

Think about it, how many people in chairs or with obvious disabilities do you work with? There’re very few places that I go on a daily basis that have people with physical limitations working there. At least who are visible to the public.

My point is the logic is sound. It was hard for me to get a college degree, harder than I’d like to admit. It has been hard for me to find a way to make even a part-time living, but I have managed to do it .

I think that many people with physical or mental disabilities don’t even try, because it’s just too hard. I’m not looking down on those people, because it is hard. There are lots of days that I think I might be happy to watch Netflix all day and play video games, just because I can. When it comes right down to it however, I don’t because a little voice in the back of my head says “that person was right, this is all anyone expects and no one would say a word if you chose to sleep all day”

I have had a massive chip on my shoulder for a majority of my life, because I’ve tried to prove to myself and to other people, that I can be more. That living with a disability and everything that comes with it, doesn’t exempt me from trying to be something other than a guy with cerebral palsy. To me that’s the definition of ordinary life

I have gigantic dreams. Dreams of traveling the world. Dreams of  influencing millions. I have had these dreams ever since I can remember. Every day that I wake up, without achieving them frustrates me. For the last 10 years, I’ve felt that no matter where I turned, something was in my way keeping me from getting where I wanted to go, so I keep working. If for no other reason than to prove every day that I haven’t given up, and that I’m not happy to let my disability dictate what my life will be.

I don’t know what kind of life you want today. I don’t know what your dreams are. I don’t know what you strive for. I don’t know what your personal vision for you is What ever that is today. DON”T SETTLE FOR LESS. Millions of people settle in their lives, and jobs and dreams, I promise you each and every one of them regrets doing so. We get one life don’t spend it being something less then what you dream you can be.

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