Peace on earth and goodwill toward men Even the idiots

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I had family at my house all weekend. If you are paying attention you would have noticed that I only posted two entries last week. The family was here, I was busy and when I sat down to write I had nothing to say.

My mind is in other places. I’m thinking about Christmas, and gifts, every thing that the next two months is going to hold. I’m also thinking about how behind I am.  How this year didn’t go quite as planned, how to make next year better. It’s easy to lose track of the  Joy of the season, when you’re trying to find that perfect gift, just like everyone else. Tempers flare, stress goes up, and bah humbug just feels right. I have to remember  that I really enjoyed seeing my family on Thanksgiving, and if I really stop and think about it, my life is pretty good.

I’m not rich or famous,(I’d like to be both) and I didn’t do anything spectacular this year, but I’m doing okay. It’s easy to be completely overwhelmed by the pressures of the holiday season.  it happens to all of us, just don’t forget to enjoy it while you’re in it, because no matter how little you have, there are many people around the world that have much less.


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