We all have issues but do you know yours?

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My physical weaknesses are fairly apparent. I can’t walk and I have fairly limited motor skills. These are probably obvious to anyone who meets me. What they may not know is that I have mental weakness as well. I have self Image issues, as well as occasional doubt about my self worth. I know that I have these issues. Knowing means that I am aware of the aspects of my life that need  work.

Like me, you have some fairly obvious weaknesses. Some of them you may not be able to do anything about. I can’t do anything about my cerebral palsy. That’s completely out of my control. I will always need help, dressing, showering, etc. What I can work on is believing that I am worthy. Knowing that I’m a good man, and understanding that the way that someone reacts to me, my chair, my looks, my approach to life is not my problem. I have felt rejected many times in my life. I felt that the rejection was somehow my fault. I pushed too hard, was around too much, As I get older I’m learning that when this happens it’s rarely my fault. Knowing this doesn’t make rejection easier to take but it helps to combat my self-doubt. It has taken me years to understand why I have self doubt. For a long time I thought I was broken, that women treated me badly because I had done something to deserve it. That maybe I wasn’t good enough to do a certain job, or speak at a certain place. As I have said in previous posts, it’s very easy to get depressed and let self-doubt take over. Knowing who I am. and reminding myself that my doubt isn’t rational keeps me level, and allows me to focus on what I can control.

We all have weaknesses, places we struggle. Knowing and understanding yours, may not change your life, but ultimately it will make you stronger. We all have issues but do you know all yours?


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