Rocky ain’t got nothin on me

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I’ll admit I probably missed out on a few things in my life, I would have loved to have been able to play sports, but to be honest, the chair is all I know.

When I think about playing sports I can’t really imagine what it would feel like to be graceful enough to do something like that. It would be fun I’m sure but I can’t really imagine having that much ability, and control over my body. I think there is something to the saying “you don’t really miss what you never had”

The only reason I wanted to run up the steps in Philadelphia is because the image of Rocky doing it was etched in my brain at very early age.

Truthfully, the only time I really ever think about not being able to walk or run is when there is an accessibility issue, or I want to dance with a girl. (I have been known to take a girl out onto the dance floor in my lap for a spin). So the chair doesn’t really stop me from dancing,  finding a woman who is open-minded enough to do that           Is rare, but they do exist. I also dance in the virtual world of Second Life from time to time, but I’m kind of picky when choosing my dance partner, and they don’t always say yes. If you want to dance it can be done.

I suppose the same could be said for wheelchair sports, although I’ve never really been interested in trying them. so I can’t speak to that. The moral of the story is, whether it’s a wheelchair, or a loss of a limb, or any other number of things that might seem like a limitation. The only real limitation is whether or not you’re willing to try and find a way around it. If there is no way around it, then find the benefit in it. Are half full or half empty?


This has been Wheelchair Wednesday

Thanks again to Evie for the fabulous comic. Comments are welcome.

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