Do you trust the bladders of those around you?

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I truly enjoyed being in the pool when I was little. Up until the age of 16 or so. I had to have a lot of help. I mean a lot. When I was in the pool, someone had to hold me, or at least give some support. most of the time that was my mom. It was good exercise, my arms and legs got a great workout. At some point mom stopped wanting to get in the pool. I never had a hot girlfriend that wanted to take me into the pool, so my options for partners were limited.

Also, this comic is pretty much true. I’ll admit I peed in the pool. I could make lots of excuses, but I’m pretty sure all of you have done it at one point or another even if you don’t remember. If you were ever  in the pool as a small child, I guarantee you did. Go ask your mom, she’s probably got a few good stories, and maybe even some pictures. (yes it shows up in some pools) Once I realized that others had probably done it as well, I stopped missing being in the pool quite so much.

This has been Funny Friday

Thanks again to Evie for making us all laugh

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