No one is perfect and if they were they’d be bored to death

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I’m obviously not perfect. My chair reminds me of that every day. No one is, but we all seem to strive for it. For some it’s about weight. Others it’s about money, or self-image. It varies but we all struggle with something.

I don’t really ever think about my imperfections until I’m turned down by a woman that I’m interested in. Everything else in my life could be going my way, but when that woman says no, I struggle.

Intellectually, I know I’m a great guy and if someone doesn’t want me it’s their fault, but in truth, when I get told no, it’s a massive struggle to not get down on myself, and start thinking “if I wasn’t in a chair, she’d say yes. I can’t really blame her who would want someone with all my issues”

Truth is, if I wasn’t in a chair, I’d still be flawed in some other way. No one is perfect because our imperfection is what makes us interesting. My imperfections give me a perspective on life, that very few people will ever have. My imperfection makes me unique, and gives me gifts that no one else can match.

It’s hard to keep that in mind when you’re struggling, I know, but it’s true. There is no one on earth like you, who can do what you do, because they don’t have the imperfections that make you who you are. Use them and be great.

Thanks to Evie for another  great comic

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