If something is worth doing you’ll find a way to do it

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Life is hard it just is. I think it’s built that way. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, everyone struggles with something, my something happens to be a wheelchair. I’ve met a few people in chairs(I emphasize the word few) who just take life easy. If something is hard, they get help before even attempting it themselves.

I’ve never been that way. I wish I had the mindset to chill all day and play video games or watch Netflix, because I can. That would be awesome. Unfortunately I have this little voice in my head, that says “there is work to be done” I am not independently wealthy and I don’t think that will voice will go away until I am. I’m going to be really honest here and tell you that I have no idea what my future holds. I’ve always lived with my family and they have been care of me. I’m at an age now where I know they’re not going to be around forever. When my parents are gone, I know I’ll be taken care of but I don’t know to what extent. Consequently that little boys in my head is getting very loud. I’m constantly working, trying to find a way to make money. (that’s part of the reason that there is a donate button on every page of this blog). Most of that goes to Evie by the way. Fancy webpages and art don’t come cheap, and a girl has to eat.

Back to the point. It would be hard for me to go out and get a regular job. Even with my fabulous personal assistant and Jane. So, I work from home. I don’t make all the money that I will need to prepare for my future, but it’s a start.

My mom gets frustrated when people park in handicap parking spaces and they aren’t handicapped, or in front of ramps. I don’t because I figure I’ll find a way to get somewhere, no matter what obstacle it Is in front of me. There’s always away, it may take time find it, but there’s always a way. Believe it or not I found ways to get in to friends houses that had stairs. It wasn’t easy but we did it.

I think that’s the key to getting through the toughness in life. You just have to do it. You have to get up everyday, and face whatever obstacle is in front of you. The only way you can lose and not make progress is to quit. No matter what you’re struggling with Debt, School, relationships, work, whatever it is, the only way you can fail is to quit.

It may not feel like you’re not getting  anywhere for weeks, or months, or years. It may feel like you’re drowning. I’ve been there and it wasn’t so long ago.  When you are in that place all you can do is keep going, I’m pretty sure I have already written a post or two on this topic. I bring it up again today, because I feel that we need to be reminded regularly that we all go through the same stuff and we are not alone.

Here’s my question to you kind reader. What obstacles are you facing in your life, and how do you plan to get over them? Comments please.

Thanks again to Evie for today’s comic.

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