Anybody need a ride?

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Kids love rides they always have. When I was younger, neighborhood kids would hold onto the back of my electric chair on skateboards or roller blades, and I would take them around the neighborhood. Of course when I was younger I never thought about charging a fee, but some of them probably would have paid it. My nieces love to ride. I usually have one standing on the back and another in my lap. If there are other kids around they get them involved as well. Most of the time it’s something that I really enjoy but I do wish that I could charge the occasional kid a fee, I mean after four trips it’s like come on kid aren’t you bored yet?

Adults don’t usually like to ride unless they are in the bar and stupid drunk. Then they ask to ride. It is always kind of sad to me to be the sober guy in the bar, and to know that the woman in my lap who requested a ride around the bar won’t remember anything in the morning, and if the same woman saw me on the street the next day, I’m not someone that she would speak to. I have had sober women take rides before, but it is much more rare. Most sober people believe that I will break or the chair will. Neither has ever happened. Sober people don’t always like my driving however. When you have someone in your lap a straight line is hard to do just saying.


A round of applause for Evie please, and the fabulous comic.


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