I didn’t need a go cart as a kid I had a wheelchair.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are in a manual wheelchair or a power chair, to everybody who was walking, it looks like a go cart. I have adults, meaning people over 30, constantly asking if I would like to race,. I think a lot of them were being serious. Then there are the guys who ask if I have ever seriously considered souping up my chair with nitro or something. That probably needs to be a new reality show on cable. Rocket Chairs (working title ).

I’ve had plenty of fun in every chair I have ever owned. I went to summer camp every year when I was a kid. I remember one year in particular, that one of the guys I went to camp with, pushed me to the top of the hill,(it took a lot of work) then at the top, got momentum going and stood on the back of my chair and rode all the way down. We were probably doing 25 miles per hour by the time we hit the bottom. Looking back I could have been seriously hurt, but it was a blast.

I have people in public routinely ask me if I have a license to operate my chair, I have to bite my tongue every time, because it is usually the guy who almost hits three cars on his way into a parking lot that asks me the question. It’s a wheelchair that does 4 miles an hour, not a UPS delivery truck.

I’ve often thought that wheelchair racing should be a sport. You could have each chair sponsored just like NASCAR. A bunch of spastic disabled people racing around a track in supercharged power chairs. I would watch that.


A big round of applause for today’s comic please. Thanks Evie. I do have one question though, where is the cat? She couldn’t ride on the back?


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