My Dick Tracy watch has changed my life

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Yes I’m old.

I’m old enough to remember Life without smart phones. I didn’t have a computer in my house until 95 or so. Now I use technology wherever I can. I have computers and game consoles, but by far the most useful piece of technology I own is my Samsung galaxy gear Smart watch.

I didn’t own a cell phone until 2014 because my motor skills aren’t the greatest and it would have been nearly impossible for me to hold the phone and use it at the same time like most of you do every day. I’m certain I would have dropped it on a very regular basis. When the galaxy gear came around all of that changed. It allows me to call and text while leaving my phone in my bag. Before the watch, if I decided to go to movie, I had no real way to call someone to come and pick me up when the movie was over. I became very good at figuring out when my ride would need to be there, and letting them know when they they dropped me off.

The thing is, many times I was wrong.  The movie started late or whatever, in this case I would just have to wait. Waiting in front of the movie theater for more than 30 minutes  Is not fun. Every fifth person I saw would ask if I needed help. I would have to say no, just waiting on my ride. I’m not ashamed of my life, but I always thought it was kind of embarrassing to be in that situation as an adult. Now, with the watch I can call or text my ride as needed. The watch also syncs with my calendar, so I never miss an appointment. It has quite literally changed the way that I do things. Plus, it makes me look like a superhero.

The battery is going out on the watch that I have now so it’s time for a new one. If you have one or have looked at one you know they are not cheap. That said, for someone like me who can’t really use a phone without the watch, unless it’s sitting on a flat surface, the watch becomes an absolute necessity. If I didn’t need to charge the battery every day and a half or so, I might not ever take it off. If you have someone in your life who doesn’t use a cell phone for similar reasons, I highly recommend a smart watch. If you would like to donate to the help Jamie get a new watch fund, I won’t argue, just hit the PayPal button. If you guys enjoy these gadget blogs, let me know. it might be fun to do more.


Thanks again to Evie for making me look so cool



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