Sometimes I wear more than I eat

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Like most people, I thoroughly enjoy food. Maybe a little more than I should. I love home cooking,(my mom has a great cook) and I enjoy eating out. Growing up in Texas, a meal is a social experience. Sitting down to a meal with friends or family, is how I learn what’s going on in their lives. I have several friends who love to eat with me, because when I eat I dive in. Apparently. watching me eat is really entertaining.  My body doesn’t always work the way it needs to, so dropping food from my fork happens fairly regularly, especially if I’m busy talking and not paying attention.

It’s rare that I get through meal with a clean shirt, I’m actually surprised if it ever happens. If I’m eating a burger or burrito that I have to pick up, it gets even more fun. I’m not really the kind of guy who eats a burger or burrito plain and dry. There’s not much I don’t like, so when I get something, I get everything on it. My friend Tommy, will routinely hand me my plate and say “good luck” I always manage to get a meal eaten, no matter how messy it looks. Since my personal assistant Jane has been working with me, she is very diligent about using my napkin like a bib, but sometimes I still get stuff on my shirt.

Thing is, there aren’t a lot of people who will tell me if I have food on my face after eating something messy. I always ask people that I’m with, and hope that they don’t lie to me, just to watch me go around in public with mustard on my mouth. Every time a woman smiles at me, I often wonder if she thinks I’m cute or if there is something on my face that I missed. If I ever get my own TV show, one of the first things I will do is take you guys out to eat with me. I’m thinking ribs, all that sauce will make for great entertainment.

As always, thanks to Evie for another fabulous comic

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