I wonder if a Fembot could be reprogrammed to help the handicapped?

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jj-help-lightsI pride myself on being low maintenance and as self-sufficient as possible. If you’ve been reading very long, you know I need a lot of help, more than I would like to admit  honestly. Today’s comic is great because in my room, which is probably the most accessible room in the house for me, I can’t reach the string on the ceiling fan to turn on light. I sit in the dark most of time, which I don’t mind (it’s easy on my eyes), but the light would be on more if I didn’t have to ask for help every time I needed it. I’m actually in the process of having my room modified so that lights and window blinds will be accessible by voice. The process is taking longer than I would like because there are lots of hoops to jump through to get it paid for. When that gets done, you will see a post about it, hopefully with video included.

I know turning a light on or off seems like a very simple thing but I have to admit I’m extremely excited because having one more thing in my life that I have control over is amazing. There are 3 million things on a daily basis that I can’t control. Just a few examples, I don’t choose when I go to bed. That’s a big one for me, I haven’t found a piece of tech to help with that yet. I can choose where I want to go but only if someone is available to get me there. If I wanted to go to the store today for example. it would be hard because no one’s around today. Another big one for me is that I can’t use the restroom if no one is around to help. That means if I know I’m going to be alone for several hours, I have to be very careful what I drink so that I can be comfortable. I’m not whining or complaining, it is just part of my life. If I could change just those three things with the aid of some piece of tech, it would probably change my entire life.

Cars that drive themselves really intrigue me, but I’m not sure I would be brave enough to get in one. I love technology so I probably would. Once I did and could go anywhere, watch out, because I would use it all the time. Going to bed when I want only requires having someone around who keeps the same hours as me. I suppose I’ll find that eventually on a more full-time basis. I could wear a catheter to solve the restroom issue at least partially, but if you’ve ever worn one, you know they are not a lot of fun. They serve a purpose but it would be a struggle for me to use one every day. In my brain I think I just need a robot around all the time whose only job is to help me. I’m sure that’s coming at some point.

What is something in your life that you would like to have more control over?

Say thank you to Evie folks for another fabulous comic. She is the closest thing to helpful robot that I have. She makes this blog so much easier.

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