I won’t run over you even if you deserve it

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People have this unbelievable fear that I’m going to run over them. If I’m within 30 feet of them they start moving out of my way. They move their kids like Godzilla is coming to eat them. I have to admit, it kind of gets to me sometimes. I’m not sure I have ever actually tried to run over someone. I can’t speak for other people in chairs but, I work really hard to always know who is around me. I know people already have their doubts about me, I don’t want to reinforce those doubts or worries by being reckless with my chair. In crowded situations it really hits home that people are genuinely afraid. I guess I can understand, but it’s almost as if people don’t believe I’m in control of my faculties or  mentally capable of using a wheelchair. Sometimes I believe that people think I’m going to have a seizure and fall on the joystick losing control and taking them out in the process. That’s what he feels like anyway.(I don’t suffer from seizures.)

Kids love me, they are not afraid at all. They will climb over the wheelchair, with no fear. It’s the parents that are unsure. I get wanting to protect your kids, but sometimes the way  parents move them when I am in the area, I feel like a creepy stalker who is hanging out at Chucky cheese during a kids birthday party. I’ve been in the chair my whole life, if I want to run over you you won’t get away I promise. (that’s a joke, I only run over bad people, yep still joking).

Occasionally, I meet someone in public who truly deserves it, and the little voice in my brain says you can totally get away with it, They are the ones who are completely oblivious that I’m sitting behind them and there’s no possible way I can get by. I think this has a lot to do with electronic devices, everyone has one and we all use them in places we shouldn’t.. It’s easy to get lost in them, I know.  I always resist running over those people, because when they finally realize I am there, I see the fear in their eyes like everyone else. As I write this I’m hearing a quote ‘with great power comes great responsibility(yes I watched entirely too much Spiderman as a kid),

I’m not really sure what the point of this post is other than to say I AM NOT A MONSTER and I am aware that you’re standing next to me. The question of the day, have you ever been afraid that someone in a wheelchair was going to run over you? If so, why?  Happy Wednesday everybody.

Thank you Evie for once again making me look cool



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