It takes work to be this pretty

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As I get older I’m getting picky about my appearance. I want to be well-dressed, shaved, and look like I’m ready to take on the world. I like the idea that I could meet someone on the street and pitch them my next great business idea and have confidence that I don’t look like I just came from the gym and need a shower.

Appearance isn’t everything. In the United States today,  too much emphasis is put on appearance. That said, we’ve all heard that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I have no interest in looking like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, but I do think it’s important to make an effort, especially in business. As the old saying goes” look good, feel good, play good. I’m going to tell you guys a little secret about Evie. She works from home and she has told me that before she starts work every morning, she puts on her shoes. When she told me that I didn’t really understand. I mean, if you work from home why wear shoes? Isn’t that one of the major perks of working from home? Then she told me that putting on her shoes puts her brain into work mode. You wouldn’t go to your office without shoes would you? Don’t answer that, some of you might.

With all of this in mind getting ready for the day is a little different for a guy with poor motor skills. My mom and sister both have long hair. My brother also did one point. He gives me a hard time on a very regular basis because I have a great head of hair but I keep it extremely short. Why? The answer is simple, if it is short, I don’t have to style it. no hair gel needed, most of time I don’t even have to use a comb. If I do choose to style my hair, someone in my life has to help me. It’s really nice not to have to ask someone to help me put my rockstar hair in a ponytail. Same applies with shaving. I can grow a great beard. I’m talking about a beard that would make a lumberjack jealous, and honestly it would be easier to let my beard grow then worry about shaving it, but if you’ve ever had one, you know they itch. Every time I grow a beard, I seriously start and wonder if I have fleas in there.

Obviously, a guy who has muscle spasms, whose body moves unpredictably, doesn’t need to be shaving with a razor. Every time I use one my dad has to help me. I really enjoy the feeling of a clean shave, but it’s just not practical to have him help me everyday. So I use an electric razor instead. It doesn’t do nearly as good of a job, and I still have to use a blade every so often to keep things under control. (yes I am in fact it werewolf).  All that said, it’s better then slitting my own throat.  At the barbershop where I get my haircut, we have a running joke that one day I’m going to bring a TV crew with me and get behind a chair and offer haircuts. With each customer I’d say something like ” I’m really sorry my hands are shaking, I forgot to take my meds this morning.” Or if I slip and make a mistake, don’t worry, one of the other barbers will fix it” if I really want to scare someone, I could bring out a straight razor and say “I only cut the last customer three times, this is great physical therapy for me” I don’t think I would last very long and that job.

What do you do to make getting ready in the morning easier on yourself?

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