Sometimes I really need my own pit crew

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I mention quite often that these comics are true to life. I have in fact lost a wheel and I have had to wait to get repairs done. Sometimes this means pulling out an old chair that is way too small for me, to use  while I wait. Sometimes it means having someone come to my house because I have no choice. There’re actually people who specialize in working on wheelchairs. I never saw a degree plan for wheelchair mechanic when I was in school, but they do exist, and they are absolutely necessary.  The crazy thing about wheelchairs is that you can’t buy the parts off the shelf.  Like every thing that is related to medical, parts are crazy expensive. You can buy a  nice used car for what a basic motorized wheelchair costs. You would think I could at least get a seat warmer, or  some fuzzy dice  on an $8000  wheelchair. If I ever get my bionic legs I may actually be the $6 million Man. Do you guys think I’m cool enough to get a wheelchair endorsement deal? If Shaquille O’Neal can sell icy hot, I think I’m good-looking enough to represent a wheelchair company. I wonder if THAT would get me a seat warmer?


Lucky for me, I have someone around who can fix almost anything, Thanks again to Evie (a.k.a. MacGyver girl) for making me smile once again this week.

Have a great week folks



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