Don’t let your issues define you

I am about to admit something, that I rarely admit in public. Being in a wheelchair is hard.   As I get older staying upbeat and positive about my situation gets tougher.   I wake up everyday and something new hurts. No matter what other positive thing happens in my life The chair is always there. Some days are worse than others. On a good day, I’ll barely think about it. On a bad day, it feels like a ball and chain. On bad days I have to remember one simple thing. I was put here for a reason. 

I believe in God and I believe that God put me here in this chair for reasons I may never understand. That said, the chair gives me a perspective on life that not many get. I’ve never thought of myself as an inspiration. I believe there are many other people out there who are more worthy of that title;  anyone serving in the Armed Forces, for example. However I also understand, that everything I say and do has a profound impact on the environment around me. I don’t think of myself as inspiring, but if my chair and the way I live helps you to improve your life in some way then I am honored to be a part of that.

We all have issues, your issues have made you the person you are today. Like it or not our issues mold us into the people we are. For a lot of us they make us better. If you’re reading this you may be struggling right now. I want to tell you, you can survive.  You will make it through. When you do, you will have a story to tell. That story will profoundly affect someone struggling and you will change someone’s life.

I would love to see this blog become a community where people can talk and share and help others through what ever issues they may have.

We all have issues. They do not define us, but they make us who we are. They make us special and give us a perspective no one else has. You can inspire someone simply because of what you been through. The question is, are you willing to let your influence change someone else’s life for the better?

3 thoughts on “Don’t let your issues define you”

  1. I met you at Lauren’s place because any1 gynoid schooled me in Sl and how to have FUN! Randy Allways will be grateful to her for that even tho we went our separate ways. Thinkerer told me you’re OK ……..when you’re asleep……KIDDING!!! Love knowing you J,… Live Long & Prosper. You are an asset to everyone around you. OH! and the pooping thing , loved that, being on opiate pain killers for years I can relate giving birth to a treestump ! Love u Brotherman!

  2. I love the topic for years I was addicted to anything and everything that took me out of myself unfortunately it took me down hard and for the past two years I have been trying to just stay away from bad things and people and it didn’t or hadn’t always worked out I finally went to rehab for 4 weeks on Dublin N.H now I have been in and out of treatment for addiction and never thought of myself as worth more then what I had become. I have two beautiful girls and they weren’t even enough for me to stop completely …….that’s when I had enough I put myself in rehab. When I was there my counselor said to me and I will never forget it,it’s like one of my top 3 reasons I want to stay clean everyday And I quote her words “Do not let your drug problem or bad past and up bringing define you as a person .” “It does not have to be who you are or become.” I thank her everyday for the one simple statement I never heard it before to actually be able to put it into thought and then I reliZed continuing to do bad things and always lying,cheating and stealing isn’t helping out showing myself and others that I am more then the bad path that I paved myself. I am a good person,mom,friend,daughter and lover I don’t need to be hateful towards the world. God has given me a second chance to become who I know I was and can still be. So for anyone out there that just wants to have meaning in people’slives whom you care about ,your children’s lives,in society all together you can do it by just being the best person you can be. By being honest to yourself and everyone around you it will eventually pay off I know it will. People will eventually forget that bad person you once were,that selfish inconsiderate person you showed them will soon fade from there memories and all they will have to know is the better you. That with hard work and dedication you will turn out to be and you will then know what it feels like to really be wanted,loved and excepted by so just keep driving towards a better tomorrow. I have found so far that the better energy I put out to the universe the more positive the world gives back.
    Thanks for listening and good luck🤗😋👍🏽

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