Learning to Trust Yourself

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Everyone should wear Superman’s underwear.

Why? Look what it did for Clark Kent, he got Lois Lane. It’s all in the underwear, just trust me. Can I borrow a couple grand?”

We’ve talked a lot about finding out what makes your life Worth living. Finding that thing that makes it worth it to get up everyday. For some of you that may be a very specific dream. Something that you have thought about or worked on ever since you can remember.

every family that I know of has at least one crazy uncle was an idea for sexy superhero themed underwear that Will leave the next great thing if he could just scrape together a couple thousand dollars. Others in the family probably don’t take this guy seriously. Let’s be honest is dream may or may not pan out but the crazy uncles in the world also turn out to be some of the most successful, because they believe in themselves and their dreams, even when no one else does. The only person who can give you the life that you want, or make your dreams happen if you.

I’m not saying you won’t have help along the way. Truth is, you’ll have plenty but you can’t rely on it. The only person who sees things the way that you do 100% of the time is you. You’re the one who has to know what you want and you’re the one who has to figure out how to get it.

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