Now I understand how Elmer Fudd felt

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Like everybody else, I have to shave. I’ve tried to wear a beard because well, it would just be easier. I always make it a few weeks and the itching starts to drive me more than a little insane. Most days I shave using an electric razor with Jane’s help. About once a week a little more help is required. There’s only so much an electric shaver can do.

In my case, my hands aren’t steady so I just have to sit back and let someone else do the work. Sometimes I go to a barber, but most of the time I get help for my dad. Whoever is helping me I try really hard not to make them angry before I need a shave because my life is quite literally in their hands.
Maybe I’m vain, but I’m not a huge fan of scars. Jane is afraid to help me with a razor for that exact reason, she does not want to be responsible. I guess we are getting to the point that I will soon have the option of a robot assistant, that sounds great in theory until they see me as a threat to their survival:-)
Thanks to Evie as always. Her work makes me laugh at myself and that’s pretty amazing.
Have a great Friday everybody
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