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Broadcasting on wheels

I have a face for radio


Seems like they are talking hand everywhere you turn. There are shows of every type. Dr. Phil Dr. Laura, news shows, shows about money, politics, whatever you like to consume. Maybe I’m egotistical but I’ve always wanted to have one of those shows. I’ve always wanted a show that was a nationwide, that took on things from a handicap perspective.

I’d have a different gas every week. A doctor or nurse to talk about different medical issues. People with different disabilities to talk about the struggles they face. A a caregiver to talk about the different issues that arise when taking care of a person with a disability.

I really love the idea of people listening, and calling in to talk to me or our different guests. The podcasts, and videos that I do are fun but there’s nothing like a live broadcast. i’ve loved live broadcasts since my first day on the air at West Texas A&M University. You can read more about that here and here.

Being on the air is probably the thing I do best. That said, I have two questions for you dear reader first, would you watch or listen to a show like that? I was thinking about it today, and I could be wrong but I don’t know of any disabled news anchors or talk show hosts out there. I’m probably wrong about that. If I am please send me a link because I’ll be interested to see that. I guess I’m thinking that if these guys who do three hours a day on radio can do it, so can I That brings me to my next question.

Do you know anyone might be in position to help me make this thing happen? The old saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,  Is absolutely true in the broadcasting business I know some people but I don’t know anyone is willing to put me on the air. I can see why suppose. I’ve talked many times on this blog about the fact that we live in a politically correct world. I can see how  a very loud very opinionated guy in a wheelchair could be very scary to a  station owner or manager. (it’s only a wheelchair, it’s not like I have spikes on my wheels or something),

I truly believe if given a chance, I can turn the world of education and entertainment upside down. If you know somebody or are would like to talk to me about this send me an email send me an email

If you’d like to help out another way share this blog with your friends whenever you can. I’m really trying to get it out there to people. I truly believe I can make a difference. The bigger  the platform I have, the bigger the difference I can make. That said I’ve been around enough to know I can’t do anything without your help. If you weren’t here reading this, or listening to my podcasts, or watching my YouTube, there would be no reason to do any of it. You are my greatest ally, and I’m grateful that you pay attention. I know I can change the world, but not without you.

Even I have to get inspired to succeed occasionally

Click right here to find it on Amazon. You will be glad you did
Click right here to find it on Amazon. You will be glad you did


I’ve been writing, speaking, doing YouTube videos and podcasts since I was 16 years old. As I’ve said many times in all those different forms of communications, I’m not where I want to be. I may be an inspiration to you, but in my own mind, I still feel that I have a long way to go before I reach my personal vision of success.

With that in mind, I read books, and go to websites, on a regular basis, to try and learn more about being a success. My theory is that I can always learn from other people who have succeeded. As I write this, I’ve just finished listening to a book called, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life by Scott Adams. You might know Scott from the Dilbert cartoon. Turns out he is multitalented. He has several books on different topics. You can learn more about him Here.

I enjoyed this one because he writes like me. (at least I imagine I’m that good). He doesn’t claim to know more than you. He doesn’t even claim that what has worked for him will work for you. (I should probably do more of that on this blog, thanks Scott.) The book is all about using systems in life for success instead of trying to achieve a goal. I won’t tell you anymore than that because well, you need to read it. The book fits in nicely with what I do here. Part of the reason I’m writing about it is that everything he says seems logical to me, in terms of the achieving success. I’ve decided I’m going to send this post to him via email as a thank you, (if I can find his email) it was that good. He’s probably reading this right now thinking” Did this guy  read the section about business writing” (I did, it’s on my to do list).

So let’s recap. A good system for success is finding other successful people and listening to what they have to say. It hasn’t failed me yet,

I like games and I’m uncensored

We talk about video games... Sometimes
We talk about video games… Sometimes


It occurred to me that before finding this blog you may have never  heard of me. So it would make sense to talk to you about other projects that are near and dear to my heart.

One of those projects is Gaming Uncensored. A podcast of mine that has been on the air for more than 10 years. It started as a college radio show at West Texas A&M. To learn how I got started there, check out This post. When we started, the idea of a radio talkshow that was centered around videogames scared a lot of people who were in charge at the time, We heard things like “you can’t talk about video games for two hours with no music, no one will listen to that. Even the morning show has music. It only works for the sports show because people love sports” the scary thing about these comments, was that the radio station known as 91.1 “The One” was a student run radio station.

The stations for your generation
The station for your generation


These comments came from people our own age.  Thanks to Dr. Leigh  and Randy Ray ( he’ll get some love in a later post) we got on the air. I remember having a conversation with the program director at time, who is still known to this day as Mad Dog ( he has a real name but mad dog is much cooler, so where going with that). The conversation went something like this. Mad Dog: :this will never work you have to play music. Me: ” dude, we won’t suck, just give me six weeks. If you don’t like it take us off the air” after that conversation, the show ran for two years, we won numerous awards and ended up in the local papers several times. When my cohost Tommy graduated from school and moved to Memphis Tennessee to start his new life, we didn’t want to stop so we decided to do the show as a podcast from that point on. We had been running  the podcast side-by-side with the radio show from day one. (we didn’t think a two hour radio show was enough, we may have an unhealthy need for attention) when he moved we went to podcasting full time. We didn’t know it then, but according to some of our listeners, we were the first podcast out there devoted to videogames. There were literally, 12 podcasts at that time, and iTunes didn’t have a directory like they do now so, it’s not hard to believe.

We are still doing our thing 10 years and over   450 shows later. We don’t do it as often as we would like, but we’re still here. You can get to the website by clicking on our logo above, or you can stream us on stitcher radio right Here.

Gaming Uncensored it Is one of the most worthwhile things I do with my life, I have a great friend and partner in crime in Tommy. No matter how busy we get… Or how much time passes between each show. We continue to do it because we love it, and probably always will


It’s hard work being a man on wheels

It's hard work that feels like play
It’s hard work that feels like play

I have never had a 9-to-5 job, I’ll give you a few seconds to let that sink in. I love to work. I’m doing something all day everyday. I truly believe it’s what keeps me sharp. So you can imagine my confusion at 13 when I told my parents I wanted to get a job and they made a very simple point. “how are you going to get there?” I don’t drive, I never have. I don’t have the vision or the reflexes for it. Me out on the highway in the driver seat of a car, would do more damage then Mr. Magoo after getting his latest pair of eyeglasses. Yes my parents could have gotten me there, but that’s a lot to ask someone on a daily basis when you already ask so much.

I love sitting around, playing video games and watching TV more than I should, but at some point in every kids life, you have bills to pay and they kind of sneak up on you. you wake up one day and realize that stuff. like video games, costs money and most of it costs more than you have. So you start trying to find ways to make some. In a previous post I talked about sweeping out the Junior high by pulling a Broom behind my chair. That was my first job at the age of about 13 I made a dollar a day. I have had a job ever since.

I’ve done video editing, audio editing, band management, social media management for a Company. I’ve been a standup comedian in virtual worlds, I promoted indie music. That’s a few jobs that I’ve had. I didn’t get rich doing any of them . I did them because I had to do something. As you probably gathered from this blog, I’m not a big fan of sitting around just glad to be alive.

I started this blog/media experience as a way to share my book. I wanted something ever-expanding that readers could come back to. I want to make this my new job. The lady that built this site goes by the name of Evie Marie. Honestly this whole thing was her idea. She works from home as well, for reasons she may explain in a post of her own later, hint hint.

You may be reading this thinking, “man I would love to work from home, that sounds awesome” it is awesome, but it’s also very hard. There is no structure, if I want to take the day off, I can but that means I won’t make money today that I may need for bills tomorrow.

Legitimate work-at-home jobs are hard to find. Do a quick Google search. Now, how many results pop up that don’t look like a scam. If you’re using the same Google I am, the answer is, not many.

The main reason for this is simple. Most companies want their employees to actually come into a building for work because they want to make sure said employee is actually doing work. The people who are successful working at home are those who started their own business and don’t answer to anyone.

That’s what Evie and I are trying to do with this blog. We’d like to make a business out of inspiring and making you laugh every day. It’s a blast, and we love doing it. That said, it takes a serious amount of time and effort. I’m using speech recognition to do this post, and it works okay but I’m having to stop and correct every third word, to the computer I must sound like the teacher from the Peanuts cartoons.

I say something like ” I am here to inspire you” and the computer hears” I am here to rewire you”. I type using one finger, so speech recognition is still faster than typing, but not by much. From start to finish this single post will take me about an hour to write, I’m not complaining just saying I desperately need a secretary. When we blow up and take over the Internet, I’m going to hire one of you to type. The job might also have the added benefit of getting to ride around on my wheelchair. Before we get there we need your support. It’s not mandatory but if you like what you see and don’t mind chipping in we certainly appreciate it. New rims on my wheelchair ain’t cheap. If you can’t donate that’s cool to. You can help us spread the word. Help us become the new sensation on Facebook and twitter. if a YouTube video of a piano playing cat can you get 50 million views, so can we, but only with your help. This blog has to be at least as cool as a piano playing cat. If it’s not, leave us a comment or an email and tell us what you’d like to see. Whatever it is I’ll do my best to make it happen. unless off course you want to see the piano playing cat, in which case, I give up.

Happy reading everybody 🙂


I’m very lucky to be able to work for a nonprofit that wants to bring the arts to people who are homebound or Live in an area that may not have access to the arts. The really cool thing about it, is that it’s all being done through the Internet and virtual worlds such as Second Life

If you shop at Amazon, you can sign up at Amazon Smile, and they’ll donate a small amount for each purchase:

Amazon Smile

Find out more about new media arts.

Some Days it Rocks to Be Me

Some days it Rocks to be me. This is one of those days. This is my new website where you can find everything i’m working on in one place. You will find my podcasts, my youtube, all my social media sites for your subscription pleasure and that’s just the beginning. In the coming days you’ll find samples of my book as well as the audio books i’ve been lucky enough to help produce over the years and much more. I’d have none of this without the great people who do the actual work to make me look good. You guys rock. I feel Legit.