Make the most of what you have

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I made this video more than three years ago. I have to admit I feel like I haven’t accomplished much in those three years because I still feel the same way today. I’m still trying to figure out how to make my way. The one thing that I am proud of is that my vision has not changed. I still want to take over the world.

Three years later I still don’t feel like much is expected of me but the one thing I have learned, is that the only thing that matters is what I expect of myself. One thing I haven’t talked about here is that  I am amazed while watching able-bodied people. It seems really simple for you guys to walk, or drive or do all the things that you do without even thinking about it. When I see that. It makes me wonder why most people struggle so much? They have the ability to do what they want to do with so few physical barriers that it is mind blowing to me, why most people don’t do more. It’s hard for me to do simple things, like open a piece of candy, or put on a shirt. In short if you can tie your own shoelaces. It seems to me you can probably be President if you so choose.

As the front page of this blog says, we all have issues. I’m not disputing that. All I’m saying is. If you are physically able with no major physical deficits, then make the most of it. If you don’t, I’m probably going to find a way to do what you want to do better than you. Even with all of my physical issues. I do have one major advantage, it’s called handicap parking (if you people don’t steal my spot, that is.)

This has been motivational Monday

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