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When I was in college and on the radio in the mornings, I actually went through a McDonald’s drive-through in my wheelchair. One of cohosts on the show actually walked beside me to see the whole thing unfold, while talking to the listeners on a cell phone. That was maybe the most fun I ever had on the morning show.

The McDonald’s employees weren’t happy with me. I actually think I might have been banned from there for about six months. I had a car, it was just parked down the block. We just wanted to see what what happened. No real reason for doing it other than the fact that it was entertaining. So what’s my point with this post? Have fun, put yourself out there and see what happens. This was not the only crazy thing I did on the radio. I dressed up as Cupid for Valentine’s Day one year(that’s a whole other story) my reason for doing all that was because it was fun. My cohosts and my bosses were initially worried that I might be offended by putting myself in those types of situations where my wheelchair was the focus. I wasn’t. I had a blast and I would do it all again. I haven’t had nearly as much fun since I got out of school. I have several really enjoyable projects on the horizon that I will tell you about later, that may remedy that situation. Life is what you make it stand out and enjoy it.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done just for fun?

Evie doesn’t even blink when I tell her the stories anymore. I think she’s becoming desensitized to my nuttiness. Best Vice president ever. Did I mention that she has a new website? Go check it out.

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