You didn’t really need those toes did you?


I have actually had people ask me what it feels like to have your toes run over. This is funny to me because I’ve never actually experienced it. I’ve had people stick their feet out and ask me to run over them. I’m not sure why but it has happened. My high school principal stuck his foot out more than once, and dared me to run over it, so I did. People either fear having their feet run over or they are curious about it. As a person in the wheelchair it’s not something that I set out to do ever, but it does occasionally happen. Especially in a crowd of people, I assume it hurts.

If that’s the case I have to think that the people who ask me to do it on purpose might be a little dense but then again, I never understood the TV show Jackass.  Much like being in your car on the road with people who are stupid, or texting or whatever, When I’m out in public there is always someone who isn’t paying attention and there is probably a segment of the wheelchair population who enjoys taking those people out. I never have but I’m not going to lie, I have been tempted. “oh I’m sorry I had a spasm and my hand slipped” you could probably make a game out of it. “Wheelchair bowling” Taking someone off their feet would be considered a strike. You can’t fix stupid but a little pain probably does motivate people to pay attention. Watch your toes people! Until someone invents a hover chair we all have to share the same space.

Have a great week everybody. As always thanks to Evie for bringing my world to life in comics.

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Just because I can go barefoot everywhere it doesn’t mean I should

jj-noshoes As I sit here writing this I’m not wearing any shoes. Mainly because it feels good. I work from home so I can get away with that. It occurred to me the other day that because I’m in a wheelchair I really don’t have to wear shoes anywhere. Think about it. My feet never touch the floor so I don’t have to worry about germs or stickiness or walking barefoot on a painful surface like gravel.

At first blush this seems like a major perk of being a guy in wheelchair. The thing is, I’ve only done it once or twice that I can remember on purpose. The reason is simple I hate to admit it but I am fairly vain for a guy, The idea of being out in public with no shoes, and being seen by people who I would like to make a favorable impression on  is kind of terrifying. When I go out in public I’m always shocked at what people are willing to wear when they leave the house to go out into the world. You can’t go to a Walmart anywhere in the United States without seeing at least a few people that look like they just rolled out of bed. Wearing pajamas, messed up hair the whole nine. Sometimes I see someone like this and I wonder if they even bother to brush their teeth before they left the house. If you are one of these people I salute you. it takes real guts to be comfortable all the time and just not care how people are looking at you.

Knowing that these people are out there tells me that no one would look twice at me if I wasn’t wearing shoes but for some reason I have a mental hurdle about it. Every time I leave the house I think somewhere in the back of my mind that I may meet someone and be asked to become a model or the world’s next media darling. If this happens, I need to look good and not like I just rolled out of bed. Plus I figure my feet can’t really be that appealing to look at. I think I would constantly be paranoid that I missed some toe jam the last time I took a shower.

I never really understood the sign at some businesses that says “No shoes no shirt no service. Sometimes I see people wearing shirts with so many holes in them that the shirt might as well not be there , and the only person in danger of having a major hygiene issue is the person who is walking around on a dirty restaurant floor with no shoes. I  wonder what what happened if somebody walked into a business that displayed that sign wearing shoes and a shirt but no pants? I think pants would be absolutely necessary. No one needs to see that.

I can’t explain why I think about these things but if I’m going to think about these things, why not share them with you right? 🙂 as always thanks to Evie for bringing life to all the weirdness in my brain.

Have a great week everybody.


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Perspective is like car keys it can be easy to lose and you have to look around to find it


Sometimes I get stuck in my own brain. The pressures of daily life mount, people test my patience, and my chair becomes a prison. I can’t go where I want, do what I want, be who I want to be. Some days it can be absolutely overwhelming. The mental strain can literally take over my mind. It feels like no one understands and there’s no way things could possibly improve anytime soon.

Sometimes I get this attitude. I think we all do. I think it’s part of our selfish human nature. Inevitably though I will hear about someone who just found out they have terminal cancer, and only have three months to live, or I may see a homeless person on the street with holes in their shoes and nothing to eat.

I have learned that I don’t have to look very far to realize how much I’ve been given in life and how blessed that I truly am. Yes I have a wheelchair, but I’m not terminally ill. I have a warm place to sleep and plenty of food to eat. At the end of the day my struggles really aren’t that big of a deal. No matter what your circumstances are right now I’m almost certain that you can look around and find someone who has less to be thankful for than you. Take the time to look around the next time the pressures and stresses of life threaten to overtake you. Be thankful and adjust your perspective.

I am thankful for Evie and for her willingness to continue to work with me. I’m also thankful to all of you for reading. You make this blog worth doing. What are you thankful for?

Leave us a comment.

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I have no idea how you people shower standing up


As has been mentioned several times, I need lots of help, Even in the shower. When I was younger and my parents could pick me up they would give may baths. As any adult knows however a bathtub can be sometimes hard to get out of, especially if you have to lift someone out of it. After about the age of 15 a bath no longer became an option for me because I was just too heavy to lift out.

I am constantly amazed at how Evie’s mind seems to understand exactly how my situation works. What you see above is exactly what I sit in when I shower. (I don’t have a cat swinging from the curtain but I guess that could be in my future). The chair is on wheels and I transfer from my wheelchair to the shower chair, and it rolls directly into the shower. I tend to use a wand that I can hold to rinse myself and ask for help when I need it, for things like washing my hair.

My shower experience varies wildly depending on who is helping me. If it’s my dad, we don’t use much water because he’s trying to get me clean without much  mess so he will turn the water on as needed and then turn it off while I’m using a washcloth. This is not the most pleasant way to take a shower but it gets the job done, and he can go on about his business after wards without being soaked. If Jane is helping me it’s a completely different story. Much like most of you, a shower does wonders for my perpetually sore body, I take my time and use the water to relax some perpetually sore muscles. You would be amazed at the difference it makes to the way I feel.

I went through a phase in my life when I was younger and could still use the bathtub where I really enjoyed soaking. I think most of the joy came from the fact that for that 30 or 45 minutes that I was in there, I had to complete privacy. Complete privacy is a rare thing in almost every aspect of my life. Anyone who is in a wheelchair understands that this is a trade-off that has to be made to get the help you need, but I’m sure my mom found it strange that a teenager wanted to soak in the bathtub. It’s something that I miss these days. Especially when I’m having a particularly rough day physically. I do have some privacy in the shower. Jane is very good about giving me my space, but it’s not quite the same as soaking in the bath tub for 30 minutes.

Before Jane came along, I was able to shower about three times a week. The reason for this is that taking a shower every day the way most people do is a a lot of work for someone else to help me. Since jane’s arrival I’m able to shower whenever I see fit.

Why am I telling you all of this you ask? The reason is simple. I started this blog to allow anyone who read it, to get a glimpse of what my life is like. Simple things that most people take for granted every day, are a little more complicated for a man on wheels. I’m not complaining, it’s just a fact. Complications or not. I still get things done. Pro tip we are all more pleasant be around when we shower regularly. It may take more work for me to get it done but I’m pretty sure the people around me are thankful that I make the effort. To those of you with cats, I wonder if other handicapped people have cats who play at being Superman with the lift harness? I don’t blame her, but one day I might actually get stuck in there. Have a great week everybody.

As always thanks to Evie for another wonderful cartoon.

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I don’t want to be an oompa loompa



I know it’s been a while and all I can say is that reality got in the way. This comic came from an actual conversation I had with my doctor at the age of 25. Because I don’t put a lot of weight on my bones, apparently they can get brittle and break just like in older persons. I never moved so fast to get to a test as I did when he told me that. The last thing I need this to get shorter. If I did get shorter you might as well call me an oompa loompa.

The comic above was hand-drawn by Evie. I’m truly blessed to work with such an amazing artist. She does other stuff also. Take a look if you have a chance right here

Learn to draw a quick and easy. Click the picture below to get started


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Supporting independent creators and artists just makes you feel good

You will be moved
You will be moved

Today’s Post is a special one. If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know that my friend evie built this site and does all of my comics. To be honest I couldn’t do anything that I do on the Internet without her. She is one of the most special and creative people I have ever met. I do everything I can to encourage her to create as much as possible. More often than not something spectacular comes out. Recently she wrote a novel in less than 10 days I kid you not. I read it as she was writing and was completely blown away. She recently made the novel available for sale on her website for $7.99. Let me tell you a little secret about  Evie. She absolutely refuses to promote herself. so today, I decided to do it for her. She’s out of town ,and has absolutely no idea I’m doing this,

The novel is called Raven’s Resurrection. It chronicles a very talented woman’s Journey after abuse dramatically changes her life, and the people she touches along the way. I’m not afraid to tell you that the novel made me cry, and I’m certain that if you take the time to read it it will move you as well.

I am extremely biased because it was written by someone who I am extremely fond of but I’m sure one thing, you will not be disappointed.

Evie has two novels and would love to begin a career as a novelist. Every time I speak to her she has another idea for a book. So today I wanted to take a little time to support her in that endeavor. You can buy the book for $7.99 right here or simply by clicking the cover at the top of this post. After purchase you can start reading it immediately. You will be motivated to do something good for someone else after reading. I guarantee it. Do me a favor and treat yourself and support Evie at same time.


Happy Monday everybody


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Can I get a sports talk radio show please?

This is one of those days that I wish I was still on the radio on a regular basis and could sit in on a sports talkshow. I thought about doing a blog or a YouTube video. Then I thought maybe I’ll try Facebook live and realized that only works from your phone and I would be lucky if more than one person saw it so I’m going to post here.
I have no art or pretty pictures for this one because it completely unplanned, so here we go
I love sports, especially basketball. Michael Jordan got me started and I have been hooked ever since. Lots of people would call me a bandwagoner because I’m not a diehard fan of one team. I love great teams. I watched the Bulls for six championships, the Lakers for 5. Boston’s big three of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnet, and the Spurs. As a kid who has never been able to play, watching greatness gives me almost as much joy.
The last couple years I’ve been watching the Golden State Warriors. I love them because much like the other teams that I mentioned above, it’s about team basketball and it’s beautiful to watch.
If you’ve been paying attention to sports at all in the last couple weeks, you know that there is a ton of controversy about Kevin Durrant going to the Warriors.
All of this controversy kind of confuses me. I thought the the point of free agency was to allow a player to go where they wanted? As far as I know, Durrant made his choice completely within the rules of free agency. That said, everybody is talking about this move. Even the commissioner of the League saying it’s not ideal for the NBA as a product.
Here is my issue. if the Warriors organization, specifically the GM were able to convince Kevin to come there and it was done within the rules, I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about. When you have the commissioner of a sports League coming out and saying that a move isn’t good for business, and players current and former coming out to criticize someone they work with, that just doesn’t seem right to me. The same thing happened when Lebron went to Miami, and the world didn’t come to an end. It’s not like it’s a 10 year deal or anything. The guy exercised a right to choose his workplace for the next couple of years. What’s the big deal? It looks good on paper certainly, but so did adding Gary Payton and Karl Malone to the Lakers and that didn’t work. The Warriors gave up a lot of their bench to make this happen. That could really hurt them.
I heard somebody on ESPN today talking about the fact that the collective-bargaining agreement might need to be adjusted. That just seems crazy to me. Dude chose where he wanted to work for a couple of years, and the rest of the league will have to figure out how to compete.
I know most of you don’t care about sports. I just wanted to throw in my $.02 I would really love to be on talk radio just saying.
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I talk because sometimes it’s all I can do


This one is pretty self explanatory. I never know how I’m going to feel from day to day. What I do know is that no matter what else is going on with my mind or body, my mouth will work. My speech may be slightly slurred because of other things going on inside or around me. but I can always speak. Sometimes slurred speech is a major benefit when I am on a stage and a crowd is expecting me to be funny.

We all got issues but all of us also have something we can fall back on when nothing else is working. In my case, it happens to be my mouth. Anyone who has known me very long probably have thought that I have talked to much at one point or another.

Now they know why….

What do you fall back on?

Have a great week everybody

As always thanks to Evie for working magic. I’d be lost without her.

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All things are possible but are you willing to try?


I’ve never actually been parasailing but with a little research, I’m sure it can be done. A little research on Google told me that disabled surfing is a thing as well. I don’t know how badly I want to do that, but it’s there. I have been skiing. Until I actually did it I wasn’t sure if that was possible but I do remember the instructor telling me that as long as someone had a pulse, it could be done, and I did. (Yes I fell just like everybody else but it was great fun).

Not actually me but you get the idea
Not actually me but you get the idea

In school I was told that I can do anything that I put my mind to until it sounded like a broken record. Turns out, it’s actually true. We all have limitations, but honestly I believe they are only there as a test we must be willing to take to do what we want. For most of us I think the toughest part is convincing ourselves to try something and being okay if we fail, I know it’s hard for me. I hate to fail and I hate to make mistakes, but it’s the only way to figure things out.

What have you always wanted to conquer if you can convince yourself to try? Let us know in the comments.

The image can be found right here

As always thanks to Evie for her artistic brilliance.

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Sometimes gamers just need a little help

This content is not original with me, but is the reason Evie and I launched this blog. It’s all about wheelchair enlightenment. I love videogames, they are  my preferred form of entertainment follow this link and enjoy. What you see literally made my day. 

Happy Monday

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