I’m smart most of the time

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Confession time

I play  the lottery. Most of you are like yeah what’s the big deal?”

I consider myself to be really smart with my money.  I have to be since I’ve  never had a 9-to-5 job. I talked about that in a previous post Here I have been reading a book the deals a lot with positive energy and managing your moods  on a daily basis. When I’m holding that ticket in my hand, it truly affects my moods until the drawing. I daydream more and think, what if. We must all do that or the lottery would make any money.


Yeah....I know better
Yeah….I know better

The truth is it’s one of the worst things you can do with your money. The odds of winning are astronomical. Every time I Play I tell myself “someone has to win, it might as well be me.” I suppose people do win. Thing is I’ve never met anyone that has. That what if feeling is very powerful. Now that I’ve become an adult, I don’t have that feeling as often as I did as a kid. That’s very sad to me. I honestly believe the most people have stopped dreaming and it takes every ounce of energy they have just to get through the day. That’s an awful way to live your life I’m pretty sure it’s not what God intended. If you have something that allows you to dream, I Say keep doing it, as long as it’s not a harmful to you or those around you. I’ll probably never win. I have Dave Ramsey yelling in my head as I type this, and I submit that he’s right. It’s a waste of money. I say if spending a couple bucks every so often helps improve your positive thinking it’s worth wasting the money. Just don’t tell Dave.


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