We all inspire someone let them pick you up

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I know the holidays are tough for a lot of you out there. From now until after New Year’s is a daily struggle. I don’t know what you’ve been through or what you struggle with. I do know that no matter who you are, someone out there believes in you. There is a person in your life who believes you can do anything. Whether you believe it or not. I’m lucky enough to have two of those people in my life.  They know who they are. I know that I would not survive a day without them. You may not think that person exists in your life. You may have to look hard but I promise they are there. It’s that person that believes in you no matter what. No matter how many times you fail, they pick you up. That person who would give everything they have if it would help you succeed. When you struggle this holiday season, go find them as often as you need to. I promise, they won’t mind.

The people and relationships we have in this life are all that matters. When you see that person, whoever they are, tell them you love them, even if that’s not really your style. Life is hard and this time year, it can take its toll. If you know you are “that person” for someone in your life, don’t wait on them to find you, go get them.

Whatever your struggles are, remember they don’t own you.  You are in control. If after some thought “that person” in your life that you inspire doesn’t come to mind, email me I’m not afraid to talk to you. Just know you’re not getting my pie on Thanksgiving.

This has been Motivational Monday


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