Count your many blessings

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This is being posted on Thanksgiving day in United States. It’s funny that we have a day on the calendar to remind us to be thankful. We should be thankful everyday. I admit however that like everyone else, I forget sometimes how good I have it. I’m blessed with an amazing family, good health, and the ability to chase my dreams. I also have two women in my life that drive me every day. I talk about them a lot here it seems, but they go by the names of Evie and Natalie. If you’ve been one of my readers for very long, you’ll know that I’ve talk about Evie before. She built the site and has come up with numerous ideas to make me a success. (most of which you haven’t seen yet) I drive her crazy on a daily basis. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a more gifted and talented woman in my life. So much so that it’s intimidating sometimes. She keeps me on my toes I can’t say that about many people,

I hate to admit it but she is much more driven than me and is constantly trying to find ways to inspire me to be better. I’m extraordinarily blessed because of her.

Then there’s Natalie.  Maybe the single greatest surprise of my life. I could spend the next three paragraphs telling you how wonderful she is but I won’t. I can some it up very simply by saying she brings the kid out in me. She brightens my day every day. (I’d tell you how but if I repeated most of what we talk about here we would both be committed.)

Right about now you’re probably wondering why I chose to tell you this. What does that have to do with you? The answer, we are all blessed. You may have to think about it for a while find the blessings in your own life, but I promise you, they are there. So my question to you ladies and gentlemen yes how are you blessed? Leave me a comment let’s talk about it.

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