My ego gets big and then I remember I can’t tie my own shoes

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I have never lacked self-confidence. I have spent more hours in my life making plans to be great then I care to admit. World class speaker, a comedian who can fill a stadium, Rock star. You name it, I’ve probably dreamed it. I often think that God gave me cerebral palsy because it was the only way he could thing to keep me in check. If I were able I will be unstoppable. I have a dream everyday, but I also have some unpredictable side effect of cerebral palsy to keep me on earth. Muscle spasms, physical inadequacies or challenges are always there and they don’t play nice.

There’s nothing more humbling in life then realizing you need someone’s help to get to the restroom. It’s a constant reminder that maybe I’m not such a big deal.

I’m not writing this post didn’t complain about all of my issues. I actually think to make the most out of life, you have to be humble. My mom used to say when I was younger, that is my head were any bigger, I would have trouble getting through a door, she doesn’t say things like that much anymore. I think most of the things that keep me humble now, were not issues for me when I was 20. I’ve also gotten smarter and learned to listen to the good people in my life more often. Sometimes I’ll listen and decide to do things my own way anyway, but being humble enough and willing to listen gives me more options and potential for less mistakes. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m old enough now to know the fewer mistakes I can make the better. Having cerebral palsy always reminds me that the most important thing in life is people because I will always need them to survive. I get frustrated often because I need so much help, but I hope in the long run that being humble, and having respect in everything that I do, will lead to a full and prosperous life that I can be proud of when it’s over.

What keeps you humble in your life?

Thanks to Evie for helping me to do so much everyday, including today’s comic.

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