A good system can get you where you want to go in 2016

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I know that most of you made New Year’s resolutions. I don’t really because I don’t see the point. You can pretty much say anything, but if you don’t do the work it doesn’t matter. A very smart friend of mine routinely says” under promise and over deliver. I find that this works extremely well in almost every aspect of life. Applying it to my own life, most people don’t expect a lot of me because i’m in a wheelchair.  consequently, when I do something that’s not even really that amazing, I get applauded. (graduating from college is a great example of this).

There were a lots of people in my life who thought I had conquered the world when I graduated. If there are any Young kids out there, going to college is not hard. If you show up every day and put in a reasonable amount of effort, you’ll be doing better than 90% of your classmates, and trust me, you will be rewarded for it.

Back to the original point. If you want to get something done this year. The key is just to start,and take small steps towards where you want to be. I know that I need a book under my belt, and this blog is a small step toward getting there. When I first started writing the book, I would sit in front of the word processor, and be completely at a loss as to what to write. Then Sara came along, and helped me deal with one of my biggest hurdles at that time, the typing. When she got too busy to help me anymore. Evie showed up. After some trial and error. She started this blog, despite my whining. I’ve learned over the last several months , that if I have even a little feedback from readers, it’s much easier for me to continue writing. (my friend Scott Adams calls this creating a system to make it easier to get to where you want to go.) You can read my review of his book right here.

It’s been several months since I read that book, and I’ve had a chance to apply systems to my own life, (this blog being one of them), and based on my experience Scott was right. This is much easier than sitting in front of a word processor, (and much more dynamic). Sometime in the near future, (I have no idea when), I will have enough content here to finally put together the book that I started years ago.

So let’s recap, grand resolutions are hard to keep, (impossible for most of us). So instead create a system that will get you where you want to go. If you want to lose weight, find something you enjoy doing, like taking a walk in the park, instead of going to the gym. If it’s fun you’ll do it better(and the more often) I swear. Working on this blog is fun, so I write more it’s that simple.

Just for fun, tell us what resolutions you have made for 2016 in the comments.  Let’s talk about creating systems instead of setting goals to get you where you want go. Give Evie some props for the fancy artwork while you’re down there. Thank you rock star.

Also thanks to Scott Adams. Go read his book.




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4 thoughts on “A good system can get you where you want to go in 2016”

  1. It wasn’t a resolution per-say but I have been looking for a gym for a while and one just opened across the street from my house so I guess I’ve just started working out with the new year.

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